Fuel Prices and The Coolest Giveaways

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I had a bit of a shock this week as I went to price sweatshirts 
for one of my clients. I thought I was seeing a mistake, prices 
have jumped just for the sweatshirt just about over a dollar! I 
called the mill,which is where we buy the blanks from, asking 
if thiswas a mistake, a small blip or was the price increase here
to stay? The said unfortunately, that major manufacturers, like 
Gildan, Jerzee, Hanes, etc. all increased their prices. Upon asking 
why they said that with the rise in fuel they had to increase their 
prices, because it will cost them more to ship them to the U.S. 
This price increase really affects me and my clients, orders that I 
last week and orders that I have in hand, I will honor. However,
what I quote for the future has to reflect what we are paying for the
sweatshirts. As always we will work as sharply as we can, we will
suggest other apparel giveaways that they can get which will let 
them say within their price range. 
My team and I will be as creative as possible to make sure that our 
clients have as many choices as possible!


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We worked closely with Nancy Hassel, founder of Long Island 
Pet Professional and Doggie U K9 Academy on their step and 
repeat for their benefit, Black Tie for PawsBeverly Fortune, 
Associate Publisher of the Long Island Press recommended her 
to us! :) 

Doggie U K9 Academy wanted a step and repeat for 
their red carpet where the Puparazzi would be taking pictures of 
all the pets! All proceeds benefitting the Shelter Connection in 
Port Washington and Shelter Link in Islip.

Question of the Week: Can I Use My Own Artwork?

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Many clients come in and ask the infamous question of, can I use 
my own artwork as a design? I personally absolutely love the idea 
of using what someone has taken the time to create. All we would 
need to do is take the artwork and put it in the format that the 
printers would need for the actual production. 

Many clients have created their artwork on either photoshop or by 
hand, which is fine! However, in order to prepare the artwork for 
production it needs to be created or converted, which requires the 
help from my design team. If the artwork is something similar to one 
of our own from our extensive design lab we will suggest you to use 
one from the collection. 

Sometimes, your own artwork can actually end up costing you more 
money in the long run! If we can easily recreate it, if the lines are clean, 
we can sometimes avoid the fee. 

If you have any questions of your own please feel free to email us at [email protected], if your question is 
featured as our Question of the Week, you will receive a $10 off coupon to be used towards your order :)

Question of the Week: EXTRAS?

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When our clients send us their size breakdowns one of the  
questions we ask them is if they've thought about extras? 
The reason we ask is, because about once week we get 
panicked phone call from our clients saying kids unexpectedly
are RSVPing and they don't have enough! I see big difference 
in how kids RSVP from five years ago to today. 

When planned my son's Bar Mitzvah five years ago, kids 
and parents would send their RSVP's in. Today, with the 
advent of smart phones, texting and BBMing are extremely 
popular and kids are letting the mitzvah child know the week 
of the party whether they can attend or not. 

The kids are now so used to communicating this way, they 
don't think twice about letting the kids know that they are 
coming. To avoid any problems we recommend getting 3-5 
extras in the most popular size per design! 

If you have any questions of your own please feel free to email us at [email protected], if your question is 
featured as our Question of the Week, you will receive a $10 off coupon to be used towards your order :)

Spring Cleaning

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We are in the process of going through our 

showroom and doing some spring cleaning. 

Ware going through all of our giveaways 

from past events, taking pictures and uploading

 them to our website. Five years worth of work 

produces lot of samples! :) 

It has been so much 

fun seeing all the designs and remembering the 

families and jobs we have done along the way. 

We have cleaned out hundreds of sweatshirts, 

t-shirts, sweatpants and morewe called Aimée, 

founder of rock CAN roll, Inc.,™ and asked her 

if we could donate all of the apparel to her 

organization, her answer of course was "absolutely"! 

Were Here to Help You Make Your Vision Come True!

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   The best part of my job is without a doubt all 
   the clients get to meet with, talk to and connect 
   with all around the country. No matter where you 
   are, Vegas, Atlanta, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, 
   Maryland or the tri-state area, my team and I will 
   be more than happy to work with you! Everyone 
   has a unique story about their mitzvah or project that 
   they are working on, but what they all have in common 
   is wanting the absolute best for their event. Parents want 
   the best for their kids, they want to stay on budget and 
   want and appreciate a helping hand in the planning 
   process. At The Coolest Giveaways we love hearing 
   and brainstorming an idea and making it come to life! 

One afternoon our client came into us with a vision of a 
Beatles Mitzvah and together we made their vision come to life!

"First of all I would like to thank you for the amazing work that you did to bring my vision to life. 

It is rare that in just 1 hour we were all able to not only design the sweatshirt that we were giving the kids 

at our daughters B’not Mitzvah but were able to see what the finished shirt would look like. My girls were so 

excited when they saw them, and when the kids opened their gift bags all we heard was “wow and they’re beautiful”! 

The kids immediately put them on over their formal wear which caused a huge problem .. the adults started 

coming up to us and asking for them too! Thank you soo much for our quick turn around time, and above 

all thank you for such a successful giveaway. Your company is the only company that we now recommend."

~ Gerri


Jewish Radio

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   On March 6th, my favorite radio personality, 

   Nachum Segal from Jewish Radio JM In The AM

   had asked me and The Coolest Giveaways team 

   to come to Central  Perk in Cedarhurst,

   Long Island to say hi!

   Come on down to the Central Perk between 

   6-9 am to see Nachum Segal and say hello!

Customer Service: Going the Extra Mile! (a blessing in disguise)

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Here at The Coolest Giveaways we strongly believe in providing the BEST customer service for our clients! My mission statement states that if you work hard, are creative, think out of the box and are willing to go the extra mile - people, clients and customers will find you, respect you and choose to work with you again and again! 

To share a story that just recently happened over Super Bowl Weekend, occasionally problems arise, this time our printer accidentally printed too deep of a blue, we picked up on it and immediately told our client, they didn't like the color blue that was printed, they still wanted the color they had specifically chosen. We contacted our printer who was more than willing to fix the mistake, it was a lot of hard work and we were pressed for time, however, we had our clients new giveaways printed and ready to go. We personally picked up their labels and bags from their house, we folded, labeled, packed and hand delivered the new sweatshirts to their caterer just in time for the event! 


This was the final design and color for the giveaway!

After the event, the family sent us a wonderful thank you email which included this statement: "I want to thank you for standing behind your product. I know it was a lot of work but you came through and it's greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to other friends that have upcoming bar mitzvahs within the year". 

The family kindly let us donate the first batch of sweatshirts to the organization, rock CAN roll, Inc.,®who then took the sweatshirts to a shelter and provided about 90 people with clothing, the mistake was truly a blessing in disguise.

Here at TCG's we are more than happy to go the extra mile and we proudly stand behind our product! 

Mitzvah's have gone high tech!

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5. Favors are starting to have QR Codes so guests 

can get a special message or be sent to a Website 

with photos after the party.

From our website, a QR Code is used on a T-shirt and led guests to a party website


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With the help from my 

design team, we helped

create, design and produce 

the coolest, sports graffiti design.

Each sweatshirts were 

individually personalized!


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What better way to spend SuperBowl Weekend than 

with SuperBowl themed event?!

The Weiser Family did just that!

The Coolest Giveaways proudly presents;



An encouraging word from Michele Weiser: "I want to thank you for standing behind your product. I know it was a lot of work but you came through and its greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to other friends that have upcoming bar mitzvahs within the year".

TREND ALERT: Going Greek!

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Looking for a great way to show off your schools spirit? TCG's has "just the right amount of cool" apparel and accessories to do just that! The "fashion right" apparel, accessories and designs are both cool and competitively priced. TCG's creative design team will help you design and create the perfect school spirit giveaway or fundraiser!!!!

Sue Loves!

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   My personal favorite "just the right amount of cool" 

   fashion giveaway is: 


   The PERFECT, COOLEST giveaway for any event!



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SILVER and GOLD Metallics!!!
The SHINIEST New Colors For Spring 2012!

Check out our design lab to see the coolest 


in the "just the right amount of cool" designs! 


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      "Just the right amount of cool" 

      cut and cropped tops are the


      perfect newest and coolest

      giveaways for your next event! 

      Perfect for Mitzvahs, Sweet 16's,


      School Spirit and more!


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The Coolest New Colors For Spring 2012!

Check out our neons to see the coolest 

colors in the "just the right amount 

of cool" apparel and designs!

TREND ALERT: Celebrity Inspired Fashion

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   TCG's "fashion right" giveaways

   include "just the right amount 

   of cool" apparel and accessories 

   which can be found on our website! 

   I am constantly shopping stores, 

   checking out the coolest new websites 

   and watching what the celebs are 

   wearing to make sure that our 

   giveaways and designs are 

   combination of fashionable, cool, 

   modern and classic! 

The Coolest Giveaways Official Press Release

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The Coolest Giveaways
Sue Smith, Owner



“Just the Right Amount of Cool!”

Great Neck, NY - The Coolest Giveaways is a promotional apparel design company who has cornered the market in “just the right amount of cool” giveaways for social events, including but not limited to; parties, fundraisers, school spirit, corporate world and everything more. Sue and her design team proudly states, “our products are custom designed for every occasion, at The Coolest Giveaways we are known as being the “go to” source for producing fashion right, creative and original giveaways for Mitzvahs, Social, Corporate, School Spirit and Nonprofit Events. Sue and her design team works closely with every client, designing and going above and beyond in order to meet the needs of the clients visions”. The Coolest Giveaways prides themselves with their competitive prices and personalized customer service by being focused and producing “cool and creative” store quality products. The Coolest Giveaways always delivers “just the right amount of cool”! 

Sue Smith is the President and Founder of The Coolest Giveaways, a fast-growing promotional design company with a focus on what is “cool and classic” nationwide. With over 25 years experience as a President of a Fortune 500 fashion apparel company and product development executive, Sue is a marketing and fashion maven who always knows just how to create the right business buzz. She can create and customize any product from apparel to accessories, making sure she keeps a close personal watch through every step of the creative and production process. She provides professional personalized service with tons of new, cool and creative ideas for any event. Sue personally states, “that if you work hard, are creative, think out of the box and are willing to go the extra mile - people, clients and customers will find you, respect you and choose to work with you again and again.” She firmly believes in putting her heart and soul into her clients projects and events; nothing puts a smile on her face more than a happy client.

If you would like more information about how the The Coolest Giveaways can tend to your next event, you can visit their website, www.TheCoolestGiveaways.com , their facebook page, The Coolest Giveaways, or call 516-466-5728.