TCG and Nor'Easter Athena

Posted by Sue on 11/12/2012 0 Comments

Through hurricanes to nor'easters to power outages, you can count on 

us to make sure whatever is humanly possible TCG will get done! Thanks 

to my unbelievable  team, TCG worked out of my apartment (TCG's temporary 

headquarters). We ran to the printers, packed and labeled orders to make sure 

we were able to ship out 100% of all of our orders last week.  We are happy 

to say we are back home in our offices, powered up and ready to Rock n Roll :)

TCG and Sandy Relief

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TCG donated many sweatshirts, thermals, blankets, pillows and hats 

to the families affected by Hurricane Sandy in Long Beach as well as 

to a Red Cross Disaster Center in Farmingdale. It was so nice to be 

able to put a smile on these families faces. We encourage everyone 

to help out in any way that they can! 

From Cars To Buses To Foot ... To TCG We Go!

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I just want to take the time out to give a special thanks to my staff, suppliers, printers, UPS 
loyal customers. I know many of us are under challenging circumstances due to inclement weather, 
shortage of gas and no power or heat in their homes. Whether it be by car, bus or foot, the gas 
crisis has not stopped my team from showing up to work with a positive attitude everyday. We are 
running 100% out of our office to supply you with the coolest giveaways! Stay safe and warm!

TCG survived Sandy and WE ARE OPEN!

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First and foremost, we hope everyone is safe after Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to the commitment 
of our team, TCG worked out of a conference room in the Andrew Hotel in Great Neck last week. 
From there we were able to meet with clients and ship out orders. Thanks to our suppliers, printers 
and to UPS we were able to 100% ship out our jobs for our clients, on time! We are happy to say we 
are back to fully running 100% out of our office. TCG has already donated many blankets, sweatshirts, 
hats and gloves to Temple Israel of Great Neck to be donated to those in need in the Rockaways.