Buy 100 Tees or 75 Sweatshirts and Get a Matching Number of Eco-friendly Drawstring Bags With a One Color Imprint Free!!!

Posted by Sue on 11/4/2011 to Designs 0 Comments
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    I sat down with my design team a couple of
    months ago and thought about what kind of
    deal our clients would love.

    So we put ourselves in the mind of our clients
    and realized that the next step after picking a
    giveaway is figuring out how you actually give
    your guests their giveaway?

    Just hand it to them? Put in in a gift bag or box...
    All the possibilities and choices can be daunting.
    Who needs the added stress?


That's when we came up with this idea where if you buy 100 tees or 75 sweatshirts
you get a
matching number of eco-friendly drawstring bags with a one color imprint free. Now you won't
have to worry. Your giveaway is in its own perfect gift bag.

The response to the deal has been amazing, more than I ever could have imagined.

Don't miss out on this great deal!!!

PS: Check out these real pix from people who have taken advantage of this special offer: