Intern .. Intern .. Intern!

Posted by Sue on 3/5/2012

   As an owner of a small but rapidly 
   growing business constantly need 
   staff. I put ads on CraigsList advertising 
   for paid interns. I am firm believer 
   that no one should work for free.

What catches my eye on my potential candidates:

1) They volunteered, worked past time, or interned with something to do with graphic design. 
    Why? It shows that they have a passion and an interest in it :)

2) They received decent grades - you don't have to be top of your class but having decent grades 
    shows me that you liked what you were learning and did well in it :)

3) Your contact information is on your cover letter and resume - your phone number and your email .. 
     I know this sounds silly, but I can't tell you how many resumes I read that don't have it. 

I was an intern and that is how I got my start, 30 years ago! Hard to believe :) 
I am a huge supporter of internships and put my money where my mouth is.
My head designer was an intern and I promote from within.

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