Down To The Wire

Posted by Sue on 3/5/2012
A week before her party, Ellen Rosen from Nashville called me on a Saturday afternoon looking for giveaways 
for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Down to the wire but totally do-able! She sent us a picture of artwork that her daughter 
designed. On Monday, my design team and I mocked up her design and figured out what the logo would look best on, 
we sent her virtual mock-ups of t-shirts, boxer shorts and blankets with the designed logo. To our surprise our client 
chose all 3! We sent out the order for production on Monday, shipped on Tuesday and the giveaways made it to her 
house in Nashville on Thursday, 2 full days before her event! 


Ellen was sweet enough to send us an email, after her fabulous event:

"The FANTASTIC, over the top pieces that you had made were Won-der-ful!! Kids were trying to sneak 2 blankets 
(but we caught'em!) so they were a huge hit! I'm so glad I ordered them after all, because originally we had planned 
to hand out a CD with several of Lauren's favorite tunes, BUT, they did not end up finished and if not for the blankets,
the kids would've walked out empty handed .. so I believe they were meant to be. 

Lastly, your service was so warm, sincere and prompt and so very helpful. I appreciate that you helped me with quick 
decision making and attention to detail. Most incredible and appreciated was the fact that you promised they would be 
here before the party and, of course, they were here 2 days before the party! Now thats customer service! 

My family and daughters close friends went Goo-Ga over the shirts and boxers! Just precious and perfect. Lauren's 
evening was lovely and, once again, thank you so very much for the delivery of quality goods and quantity service. 
You are my #1 source the next time I need shirts, boxers and the like. You have a really nice variety to choose from."

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