3 Helpful Tips in Planning Your Favors in Advance!

Posted by Sue on 3/2/2012

We can work with any time frame from super fast to those that like to plan .. 



   I highly recommend getting 
   your logo done and figuring 
   out which direction you want 
   to go 6-12 weeks in advance 
   of your event.

You really don't want to wait until 4 weeks in advance of your event to 
start thinking about your logo and what your favor is going to be. 

                                                            STEP 2: LOGO IS CREATED AND BECOMES THE BASELINE OF YOUR PARTY

We will happily share your   
finished artwork with your 
decorator so that you can use 
it as an element throughout 
 your entire party. 

                                                          STEP 3: ITEMS ARE PRODUCED!

                                                                   PLAN DONT STRESS :)          

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